The East Mount Airy Neighbors Association (EMAN) is a community organization committed to:
  • Cooperating with local organizations, individuals and businesses located in, or having an interest in, the community of East Mount Airy
  • Facilitating whenever problems arise in the area, seeking solutions that will be of greatest mutual benefit
  • Promoting projects and public improvements that encourage positive community development
  • Encouraging and supporting legislation that will accomplish the above objectives
  • Providing a means of friendly communication, mutual understanding, information and education to bring about the above objectives

The neighborhood of East Mount Airy is defined by these borders and surrounding neighborhoods:
  • Germantown Avenue on the West (West Mount Airy)
  • Stenton Avenue to the East (Cedarbrook)
  • Cresheim Valley Drive to the North (Chestnut Hill)
  • Washington Lane to the South (Germantown)

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