6765 Germantown Ave

6765 Germantown Ave Rendering.JPEG

ADDRESS/LOCATION: 6765 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19119.
APPLICATION FOR: The relocation of lot lines to create three (3) lots from two (2) deeded lots (6765 and 6771 Germantown Avenue). For use as a 15 family dwelling units with 15 accessory open air parking spaces and five (5) class 1A bicycle parking spaces. Along with previously approved uses; nursery school with day care center, food preparation and service, and five rooming units with community kitchen to accommodate a maximum of ten (10) persons.

Project #2 L+I Refusal
6765 Germantown Ave. Site Plan
Appeal and Project Information Form

Zoning Board Hearing Date: TBD

Neighborhood Vote: Neighbors did not support this project.

Zoning Board Decision: Granted with a proviso.

Additional Notes: A second public meeting will be held on March 12th.