The EMAN Office has officially closed

We will be operating as a "virtual" organization, & will still work to make our good community better, by working to maintain & enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood. We remain in place to handle zoning & land use issues; to mediate disputes; to connect residents with resources; to work with elected officials, the 14th Police District & partner organizations on matters that affect Mt. Airy; to produce popular events like Mt. Airy Day; to support our neighborhood public elementary schools through the Mt. Airy Schools Coalition, & more.

You'll still see the Executive Director & Board members out in the neighborhood for meetings, events & activities. The only real change will be that there won't be a physical office space. Community/Board meetings are now held at Lovett Library's community room, usually on the first Monday of the month; see our website for dates. (

Our mailing address remains the same: EMAN 7301 Germantown Ave. Phila., PA 19119

Our phone number will also be the same: 215-242-4170. There will be an interruption of service as our land line gets ported over to a cell phone. 

E-mail is checked several times a day:

We were happy to spend almost a decade on the beautiful campus of the Lutheran Theological Seminary, & we thank the Seminary for their generosity & the many kindnesses they have shown us. They have been true community partners, & many of our special community events will still be held at the Seminary.

See you out in the neighborhood!