Scam Alert: There is no East Mt. Airy Track Team

He's back. The very personable man who claims to be collecting money to support the "Mt. Airy Track Team", which he sometimes calls the "East Mt. Airy Track Team" or the "East Mt. Airy Neighbors Track Team" or the "East Mt. Airy Girls' Track Team", is making the rounds again. He has had some success with this in the past, as he seems nice and is enthusiastic about this "team". East Mt. Airy Neighbors does not have a track team. We have investigated, we've done internet searches, and have made a lot of phone calls, and as far as we can tell, there is no legitimate East Mt. Airy Track Team.

We are always concerned about this sort of activity in the neighborhood. We're particularly concerned this year, because unsuspecting and generous residents who are aware that budget cuts will impact sports in our public schools and who want to help,  will open their hearts --- and wallets --- to this person.

If this man comes to your door, please politely decline to contribute, and call 911.  The police are interested in speaking with him about his "fundraising" activities!