Scam Alert

It seems that our friendly local solicitor of funds for nonexistent organizations is making his rounds again.          He has, in the past, asked for money to help the Mt. Airy Track Team. And the Mt. Airy Girls Track Team. (They didn't exist at the locations he mentioned, & the head of a local organization with a similar name told us she never sends solicitors out.) Currently, he's going door-to-door asking for contributions to support the Ivy Hill Track Club. I contacted the gentleman who used to run the real Ivy Hill Track Club, & he told me that his organization stopped operating a while ago, & that this solicitor is definitely a scam artist, against whom he has testified in court proceedings. The man is quite friendly, but he has no ID, no literature about the organization, or any other proof that it's a real organization. He often carries a marble copybook, in which he records donations. PLEASE don't give him any money! While it seems sort of sad to call the police about a nice guy, remember that he has actually stolen money from many residents who thought they were helping young people. So, a call to 911 would not be inappropriate.

School's In! Some local schools are already in session & many more will resume classes next week. This means lots of young people will be walking to & from schools or bus stops. Watch out for them when you're driving --- some don't pay as much attention to traffic as we'd like them to, & many intersections have no crossing guard.

EMAN's Community/Board meeting for September will be on Tuesday evening, 9/8th. The Board meets in Executive Session at 7 PM, & you're welcome to join us at 7:30 PM. We'll be meeting at 7165 Germantown Ave. (the former NxNW location, soon to be reopened as "Alma Mater"). We have some exciting activities & events planned for the Fall; come hear all about them!

Have a safe Labor Day Weekend!