Safety Alert

A EMAN member called to alert us to another scam artist, and asked us to pass the word along. A man claiming to be from an electricity supplier --- sometimes PECO, sometimes Gateway Energy --- has been going house-to-house in East Mt. Airy, (mostly in the area from Ardleigh Street to Crittenden Street, on both sides of Gowen Avenue and surrounding streets), stating that he needs to check a piece of equipment in the house. He carries a clipboard, sometimes wears a Gateway sweatshirt, and looks “official”. He wants to gain access to your home. DO NOT let him in. (Don’t let anyone who claims to be from a utility company into your home unless he/she produces a company ID.)

The 14th Police District has been notified. The PPD asks that you call 911 immediately if this man comes to your house. They want to get him off the streets.

ADDENDUM to EMAN Safety Alert

Please be aware that there are legitimate Gateway Energy representatives making the rounds in East Mt. Airy. This is a real energy supply company, and many residents have switched to their services, and have been happy with their decision to do that. (The young man who came to my house was very nice, and presented a company ID.)

We just wanted to let you know that EMAN has had reports of someone going to houses in the neighborhood, using PECO and Gateway to attempt to gain access to homes. (When this was reported to the police, the caller was told to call 911 if that person was in the neighborhood again, seeking to enter homes to "check equipment", as this ploy has been used to commit thefts. The police want to put these people out of "business".)

An increase in property crimes has been a problem throughout Northwest Philadelphia, and you should not to let any solicitor into your home unless you know who they are, and they can produce an official ID. If you are interested but in doubt, call the company they say they represent.



The PA Voter ID Law will NOT be in effect for the upcoming presidential election. You may be asked for a photo ID, but will be able to vote if you don’t have one.

Many volunteers have put enormous effort into helping those without acceptable ID obtain one, and EMAN members were part of that effort. Our work was not in vain; it’s likely a Voter ID law will be in place for future elections.


A new photography exhibit will open on Friday evening at Infusion Coffee & Tea, and one of the artists is EMAN member Carolyn Johnson. The sale of her greeting cards will benefit theNational Adoption Center, a worthy cause that helps thousands of children every year. The opening reception is from 6:00 – 8:00, and the show will remain up through October 30th.

“BOOKtober” starts tomorrow at Walk A Crooked Mile Bookstore (7423 Devon St., in the Mt. Airy Train Station). It’s a month of sales, yard sales, book fairs and concerts. Go for a detailed calendar of events.

On Saturday, (10/6th), our sister organization, West Mt. Airy Neighbors, will be having a “BlocktoberFest” event. You can participate in a 5-mile run, a 2-mile run/walk, or attend one of many block parties that will be happening throughout the neighborhood. For more info, go to There’s a $30 fee for the run/walk, but the event will be a community-builder as well as a fund-raiser.

WMAN’s Executive Director Marilyn Cohen & I both feel strongly that we’re all living and working in Mt. Airy --- one big community that is staying strong partly because of the efforts of our 2 organizations. We work on similar issues, all of which pertain to the quality of life in our neighborhood. It’s important to support each other and work together.

Also on the 6th, from 10 till 4, you can see the annual re-enactment of the Battle of Germantown at Cliveden and Upsala (6401 Germantown Ave.) It’s the 235th anniversary of the Battle. For more info about this and other events in our historic neighborhood, go to or

On Wednesday, 10/10th at 7 PM, Quintessence Theatre will be performing Shakespeare’s Othello on a pay-what-you-can basis. Quintessence has received consistently excellent reviews, and this is a great opportunity to see classic theater at a ticket price you can afford. Performances take place at the Sedgwick. For reservations or more info, call 1-877-238-5596 or go

The Bottom Dollar supermarket chain is proposing a new food market (not a dollar store!) at Chew Ave. and Washington Lane. There will be 2 community meetings with representatives of Bottom Dollar, the developer and neighborhood groups. The first is on Monday 10/8th at 7 PM at True Light Baptist Church , 6400 Ardleigh St. Another meeting will take place on Monday, 10/15th, at 7 PM at the Zion Hill Church of God in Christ, 529 E. Washington Lane. The public is invited to attend either or both.

State Senator LeAnna Washington’s 5th Annual Walk to End Domestic Violence is scheduled for Saturday 10/27th. This event raises funds (and awareness of the problem) to support Philadelphia’s only 24-hour Domestic Violence Hotline, a service that has literally saved lives. (1-866-SAFE-014; 1-866-723-3014)

The rain-or-shine walk starts on the West River Drive near the Art Museum steps. Registration’s at 9 AM, the event starts at 10. $5 per person, with all of the proceeds supporting the Hotlne.

To register online:


The 2nd annual community chef’s competition, “Cookin’ with WHO?”will be back on Thursday, November 8th, from 6:30 till 8:30 in the Brossman Center on the campus of the Lutheran Theological Seminary (7301 Germantown Ave.). This event, co-presented by EMAN, the Seminary and the Neighborhood Interfaith Movement, raises funds for these 3 community nonprofits, and last year’s attendees thought it was a wonderful evening! There will also be a variety of interesting auction items. It’s a casual, fun event.

Last year's winner, Rabbi George Stern, will be defending his title against some strong competition. This year’s community chefs includeAnuj Gupta (Mt. Airy USA’s Executive Director), Kent Reichert(EMAN President), sports radio personality Phil Allen (“Phil from Mt. Airy”), LTSP Dean J. Jayakiran Sebastian, new NIM Executive Director Jane Maloney ............and 8th District Councilwoman Cindy Bass. They’ll all present recipes for you to taste, and compete for the Mt. Airy Platinum Spatula. (We guarantee you will not leave hungry!)

Tickets are $50. For more info or to register (or to sponsor a chef) go to: or call 215-248-7339.


EMAN supporter and friend Ken Weinstein is making news again. And we’re happy when our friends are recognized for their accomplishments.

A new electric car charging station was installed at Trolley Car Diner. Ken and his businesses are always at the forefront of environmental responsibility. This is the first such charging station in Northwest Philly. Neighborhood “Electrical Wizard” John Siemiarowski, who is certified to do these installations, brought Ken's idea to fruition.

The Trolley Car Café in East Falls has won the first-ever Restaurant Garden Award from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Ken created a thriving business from an abandoned building, and it’s now a lovely space that is an example of the value of restoration and preservation. He also uses the garden to teach kids about growing herbs and vegetables.

Kudos and thanks to Manny Ramos and the City’s Community Service Program for helping neighbors clear out an abandoned lot on East Phil-Ellena St. that had become a dumping ground. And thanks to Charlie Cooper and to near neighbors for their persistence!

Thanks, also, to Dr. Brett Cardonick, for donating his chiropractic evaluation fees (from folks who signed up at the Mt. Airy Village Fair) to EMAN and WMAN. We both appreciate his community-minded generosity!

EMAN has been receiving complaints and requests for help from neighbors of several “problem dogs” (or should we say, “problem owners”?). Dogs are being left outside for long periods of time, (one including overnight). Being dogs, they bark. Sometimes, they bark a lot, and for hours --- which creates an unpleasant situation for near neighbors.

If you have a companion animal, you have a responsibility to be a good neighbor. We all know about cleaning up after dogs when you walk them. We also need to make sure our pets are not disturbing neighbors. We want our dogs to alert us to someone at the door, or a stranger lurking about; when they bark to announce the presence of a stranger they are protecting our neighbors as well as ourselves.

But they should not have to spend long hours alone and unsupervised in our yards, especially if they will spend most of that time barking.

Are you an EMAN Member?

When you’re having a problem with a barking dog, whom do you contact?

When there’s a scam artist making the rounds of the houses in your part of East Mt. Airy, whom do you call to help get the word out?

In many cases, the answer to the question “Who ya gonna call?” is EMAN. We’re in place to be here when you need us. And we need your support, through paid memberships, and through volunteering for neighborhood activities.

We don’t have a magic wand that we can wave to solve neighborhood problems, but we do have a dedicated volunteer Board of Directors, referral information, official standing as an RCO (Registered Community Organization) under the new Zoning Code, and other resources. We offer mediation services when problems arise between neighbors. When we can’t provide direct help, we can refer you to people who can, or will be happy to make that connection for you.

You can join EMAN at our website (which is almost 100% completed & glitch-free!) using PayPal, or access a mail-in form.

The next EMAN Community/Board Meeting will take place at the EMAN Office (Wiedemann Bldg., LTSP Campus, 7301 Germantown Ave.) on Tuesday evening, November 13th. (Note the change of week due to the elections on the 6th.) The Board meets in Executive Session at 7 PM, and the general meeting starts at 7:30.