PennDot is replacing old bridges

where southbound Lincoln Drive interchanges with City Avenue, Kelly Drive and Ridge Avenue. The work that begins this week is projected to finish in the Fall of 2011. Southbound Lincoln Drive traffic will be detoured off onto Ridge, and traffic patterns northbound will shift from time to time as the work continues. Expect delays. (Detailed info about alternate routes are available on the websites of most of our local TV stations.) Recycling Rewards are coming to East Mt. Airy! The program officially starts here on July 1st. We can earn Recyclebank Rewards points (which can be redeemed for coupons for grocery stores, restaurants, etc.) by participating,and save the city money, and reduce the amount of trash headed to landfills.Sign up at or by calling 1-888-769-7960. You will receive (by mail) a bar-coded sticker to put on your primary recycling container. The sticker will be scanned by your recycling truck crew. Points will be given based on the amount the community recycles, so encourage your neighbors to participate.

On a related topic, there will be a hazardous waste collection this Saturday, June 26th, from 9-3 at the Northwest Transfer Station at Domino Lane & Umbria Street. This is the place to bring anything labeled “Toxic”, “Corrosive”, “Flammable” or “Reactive”. For more info, go to or call 215-686-5560 (or call 311).

Our new EMAN Schools Committee is off to a good start. We recently awarded our first annual “Making a Good Community Better” awards to 8thgrade graduates of the public elementary schools that draw students from East Mt. Airy. Congratulations to Chris Logan of Houston School and Taylor Gaines from A.B. Day School, whose outstanding community service has earned them this honor. We are happy to recognize their achievement, and wish them success as they move up to high school!

At the A.B. Day graduation, I had the pleasure of sitting with guest speakerFire Commissioner Lloyd Ayers, and we had a chance to chat before the ceremony started. I asked about the work at our Germantown & Carpenter fire station, and told him that there are rumors that the city will use this “closed-for-construction” period as a way to shut the station down (by claiming that the various emergencies were all handled well by the stations that have taken over some of the responsibilities while ours is closed).The Commissioner assured me that this is not the case, and that there are no plans to close the station.  While the extra work is being managed well by the fire stations that are providing services to our area during repairs to our station, our station is considered vital to the Northwest.Unfortunately, when they took out the old floor, they found a need to reinforce the floor with steel beams. These might have to be custom-made, so there’s no timetable for when the work will be finished.  Wondering what’s going on at the

Mt. Airy Playground (Sedgwick & Germantown)? The Recreation Department is giving us a makeover! There’ll be a new “tot lot” area, new equipment for older children, a new surface throughout the playground, and in time for the long, hot Summer, a spray pool!

The Mt. Airy Farmers Market is going strong. The William Allen Plaza at Lutheran Seminary is such a nice spot for it, and the farmers are knowledgeable, friendly and committed to natural and organic methods. The food is local and seasonal and beautiful. (Cherries are here!) Bring your friends and neighbors and spend a little pleasant time. The Market’s open on Tuesdays from 3-7PM, and parking is available both on the street and in the Valley Green Bank lot.

As I’m sitting here typing, AccuWeather is telling me that temperatures are going to be in the mid to high 90’s for the rest of the week. This weather is miserable for many of us, but downright dangerous for the elderly and those who have chronic illnesses. Please make a special effort to check on neighbors you think might be having difficulties. The Philadelphia Corporation for the Aging has activated its “Heatline” (215-765-9040). Callers of any age can reach them from 11AM till midnight throughout this period of excessive heat warnings.(And please make sure your dogs and cats have some shade and cool water available.)

Try to stay cool!