Lovett Library Reopening

Lovett is scheduled to reopen on Tuesday, January 18, 2011 at 10:00 AM

The Lovett Branch of the Free Library has been closed because of a broken heating system. It is expected to remain closed through mid-January, while repairs take place. In the meantime, it is suggested that we visit nearby branches, including  the Chestnut Hill branch at 8711 Germantown Ave. and the Joseph Coleman Northwest Regional branch at 68 W. Chelten Ave.

According to an e-mail sent to Friends of Lovett Library:

Replacing a heating system of this size would take the better part of the next six months.  We have arranged through our heating vendor to fabricate a heating coil for us that should get us through this winter and early spring.  We expect this to happen in the next two weeks.  While that is happening, we are planning the larger and much more costly  project of replacing the entire unit.

The reason some staff were still in the branch was that they were attempting to clear up work back logs before they were redeployed for the duration of the closing.  Due to City regulations and Union requirements about comfort levels for both staff and the public, we are not permitted to open a facility that has no heat during cold weather.

Also, whenever we have to close a branch for any length of time, we do not charge fines for patrons of that branch who might return overdue items to other locations.  The Branch’s materials that are returned elsewhere will be returned to the branch once it is reopened.

We have just confirmed a meeting site and time to discuss this unfortunate situation with members of the community.  The meeting will be held at the Mt. Airy Presbyterian Church at Germantown and Mt. Pleasant Avenues on Wednesday, December 8, at 6 PM .