In case you didn't see this story on the evening news

A brutal murder was committed in East Mt. Airy.The body of 85-year-old resident Regina Brunner (Holmes) was found by police today in her home on the 300 block of Roumfort Road, after neighbors called 911 to express concerns that she had not been seen since Saturday, & that her newspapers were not taken into the house. The details are horrifying, & I will not be including them here; you can find them on local news websites, & in the newspapers tomorrow.

Additionally, Regina's car is missing. Police are looking for a 2007 silver 4-door Toyota Corolla with masking tape on the bottom, PA license plate PD1402X.  Although the murderer has probably abandoned it, it is possible the car could yield some evidence. The 14th PPD & Northwest Detectives are very anxious to solve this crime, as is the entire community. If you see the car --- or if you live nearby & you saw anything suspicious over the weekend --- please call 911. Even a small detail could prove helpful.

    And, please be careful, & don't allow people you don't know into your homes. There was no evidence of forced entry.

          Regina was a long-time member of East Mt. Airy Neighbors, & active in the community. She was determined not to allow aging to limit her any more than necessary. She remained physically active, she did crossword puzzles daily, & she participated in neighborhood activities & events. She continued to work part-time, & loved baby-sitting her grandchildren. She did things for others all the time, both in her professional life & as a volunteer & friend. It is difficult to find words to adequately express the horror, shock & sadness everyone at EMAN feels about this vicious crime, & the loss of a valued neighbor. Our deepest sympathies to Regina's sons, grandchildren, other family members & her friends. She will be missed by many people in East Mt. Airy & beyond.