Hello from your friends at East Mt. Airy Neighbors!

            We hope you came to Mt. Airy Day this year! It was, as always, a wonderful day for the community to come together. The weather was great, the entertainment was eclectic, the food vendors offered a variety of delicious food, our vendors offered everything from plants, to jewelry, to books, to clothing, to art.

          Many thanks to Cliveden of the National Trust & David Young for once again donating their beautiful grounds for the event, & for supporting us in many other ways!

          And we are grateful for the support of the other sponsors who helped make the event possible: Chestnut Hill Hospital, Mt. Airy USA, Electrical Wizardry, Mt. Airy Animal Hospital, the Miquon School, Valley Green Bank, Generation 3 Electric, and Weavers Way Co-op.

          If you attended & enjoyed yourself, please consider helping with the event next year. Our volunteer pool is steadily shrinking, & we can’t continue to present this festival without more help. (No, I am not exaggerating.)

            Spring events are underway! Some are focused on helping in the community, others give you the opportunity to support a community organization, & still others are purely for pleasure……………….

            The Chew & Belfield Neighbors Club (CBNC) is seeking volunteers for cleaning up the neighborhood, (cleaning streets & sidewalks, empty lots, etc.). The program starts on May 28th at 9AM. For info, contact our friend Rev. Chester Williams at 215-849-8021 or e-mail to jesus4620032004@yahoo.com

            Awbury Arboretum has several paid service-learning positions available this Summer. Participants will work 120 hours, at $7.25/hour, on “the farm”. You must be 14-21 years old as of July 1st, a resident of Philadelphia, & meet certain income requirements. For details, visit http://summerapp.workreadyphila.org  (code 5317).

            After a difficult Winter weather-wise, Final-ly Friday events are in full swing, thanks to the Business Association of Mt. Airy(BAM). You can find a full schedule of regular & special events atwww.GoMtAiry.com

The Mt. Airy Schools Coaltion (EMAN, WMAN & MAUSA) is raising funds for a new computer lab at Emlen School (Chew & Upsal). The equipment they have now is old & outdated, & there isn't nearly enough functional technology to serve a whole class at one time. It's clear that the School District isn't going to be able to do much to meet many important needs, technology among them. Working together, our 3 organizations are trying to fill in some of the gaps, because our children are important to us, & our public schools are important to our community.

To get details on the project, go to: www.mtairyusa.org/our-services/mtairyschools/emlen-computer-lab-initiative/ 

This is a pilot project of sorts; if we're successful, our goal is to do a similar project at the other elementary schools served by the MASC. In order to have a lab in place for the 2014-15 academic year, we need to have the funding in place by the end of June. We hope you'll make a donation, no matter how small.

       Tomorrow is Primary Election Day in Pennsylvania, & there are a few important choices to make. Although EMAN does not endorse any particular candidate(s), we do urge you to get out & vote! If you think it’s not important, because it all seems pretty much the same to you, & there’s no reason to vote, please think again. Strong turnout numbers are important. Much of the state doesn’t care what happens in Philly, so many elected representatives aren’t concerned with our funding needs. It is vital that candidates for statewide office understand that we will turn out in large numbers in November, & we can demonstrate that by showing up on Tuesday.

            If you have questions about any aspect of the Primary, whether it’s locating your polling place, or who the candidates are, or the ballot questions regarding proposed changes to the City Charter, there’s a one-stop website that has the answers. The City Commissioner has set up www.philadelphiavotes.com to provide voter information. It’s nonpartisan, easy to navigate & very helpful.

EMAN's membership drive is year-round. Have you joined yet?You can join at our website (http://www.eastmountairy.org/membership.cfm) using PayPal, or e-mail us to request a form (info@eastmountairy.org), or get the information from our website & send your check to

EMAN ~ 7301 Germantown Ave. ~ Phila. PA 19119

Our next meeting will be our Annual Meeting & Elections, on Thursday June 12th at 7 PM. We will meet in the Hagan Amphitheater on the Lutheran Seminary Campus. If you're interested in becoming more active with your community organization, come to the meeting & meet the Board members! If you're considering becoming a Board member, send us an e-mail & tell us why........

It's a beautiful day! Try  to spend a little time outdoors.