Happy Summer from East Mt. Airy Neighbors!

A little taste of  heat & humidity might help us to prepare ourselves for our usual Summer weather. No matter how  oppressive conditions might seem, I'm thankful that we don't generally have to face the kinds of crises happening in other parts of the country, where weather-caused death & destruction seem to be a new "normal"..........Even without extraordinary circumstances, our sometimes-extreme heat & humidity can pose heath challenges for some people. The very old & very young are less able to tolerate very hot weather. People with heart & respiratory problems can suffer more than healthy people. Please check in on neighbors for whom high temperatures & humidity may cause problems. With Lovett Library closed for renovations, we've lost access to a popular "cooling center" this year.

          EMAN's Annual Meeting on June 13th included elections, & we have new officers. Jimmie Reed is our new President. (Many of you know him as "Little Jimmie", & have visited his Cafe & his Bake House.) Jimmie became involved at EMAN shortly after arriving in the area, & his commitment to the neighborhood is unwavering. The 2016-2017 Executive Committee:

  • President: Jimmie Reed

  • 1st Vice-President: Margaret Salamon

  • 2nd Vice-President: Janet Amato

  • Treasurer: Dutch Klugman

  • Secretary: Teri Ranieri

          We also have several new Board members: Donna Tretina, Jane Cosby, Vivian Norton & Lansana Sylla. We're looking forward to a great year! We would be remiss if we didn't thank Larry Daniels, who served 2 terms as President, for his service to the organization.

Dr. David Lose, President of the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia, welcomed attendees to the campus, & gave us an update on the current situation/planning process  at LTSP, (which includes joining with the Gettyburg seminary to form a new school with 2 campuses, & how buildings on the LTSP campus might be productively "repurposed", keeping the community in mind). We appreciate his time, & his open engagement with concerned nearby residents.

         We also thank City Council members Cindy Bass & Derek Green, who found time in their extremely packed schedules to speak at the meeting about their priorities & about the continuing importance of community associations.

EMAN's official "year" may have ended with our Annual Meeting/Elections on June 13th, but we work year-round to lift the neighborhood. Problems don't follow a calendar, & we're in place to address issues & needs.


Moonlight Movies are Back! Our partners at Mt. Airy USA (MAUSA) & the Trolley Car Diner will be hosting free movie screenings again this Summer. Friday nights, movies will be shown at Pleasant Playground. TheTrolley Car Diner parking area is the Saturday night location. Bring chairs or blankets & enjoy a family-friendly movie with your neighbors! Screenings start at 8:30. Food will be available for purchase at both locations. Food trucks will be on-site at the playground beginning at 6 PM, & the Diner will be serving food any time you arrive.          Please note that movies will be cancelled in the case of inclement weather. Details, a listing of films, etc., can be found at: www.Gomtairy.com


Philly is a World Heritage City...... And an enjoyable (& educational)  way to acknowledge that status is an "easy walking" tour that highlights the remarkable life & achievements of William Penn. Mt. Airy resident Elise Bromberg will be offering these tours on July 7th (11:00-1:00), August 9th (11:00-1:00), & September 15th (1:00-3:00). $15/person, $12 for Mt. Airy residents. Contact her for details: elisebromberg@hotmail.com or 215-247-6186.


Safety Updates: The 14th Police District urges us to take common-sense precautions to avoid becoming victims of property crimes.

  • Lock your car when you're not using it! Unlocked cars are way too tempting for thieves. DO NOT leave electronics & other valuables visible to passers-by, even when your car is locked.

  • Residential burglaries & other property crimes are the most frequent crimes in Mt. Airy, & numbers increase in warm weather, when we have our windows open. Please keep your windows closed & locked when you're not at home --- particularly on the ground floor (& in other easily-accessible areas).

  • Shrubs can be lovely this time of year, but they can also provide places for would-be burglars to hide by blocking visibility from the street. Keep yours trimmed.

  • Alert a neighbor or 2 if you'll be away on vacation, so they can keep an eye on your home, collect your mail & newspapers if you don't suspend delivery during your absence, etc.

  • "Busybody" is losing its negative connotation. Pay attention to what's happening on your block, & if you see something suspicious, call 9-1-1 immediately.

State Rep. Tonyelle Cook-Artis held a public meeting to discuss crime & other problems negatively impacting the quality of life on the Chew Ave.corridor. Both Emlen School & Pleasant Playground are in the area, & families & business people are concerned. A major Chew Ave. clean-up is being organized, & other efforts are being discussed. If you want to become involved, contact Rep. Cook-Artis' office :215-242-7300.


School is Out! And kids are playing outdoors --- & not always paying attention to things like traffic. So please, watch out for them Several locations in the neighborhood offer Summer programs that provide activities that are both fun & productive, (Awbury Arboretum, Pleasant Playground, Allens Lane Art Center). And Pleasant Playground will feature an exciting "Pop-Up Pool"project. Through the use of seating, umbrellas, planters & programming, 5 drab neighborhood public pools are being transformed into attractive oases in the City. Mt Airy was lucky to get one! For info, visitwww.popuppoolproject.com or http://phillypublicpools.com


A Message From L&I We've all read about issues resulting from not having enough building inspectors at L&I. It's a matter of public safety that this be remedied. The Department has asked that we pass along the word that 25+ new building inspectors will be hired, & applications for these positions are being taken online at https://phila.peopleadmin.com/postings/30988 , through July 1st. Applicants must have at least 6 years building trades experience. Use the link above for details about requirements, salary & benefits, etc.


2016 EMAN COMMUNITY FUND GRANTS to be announced next week! This fund, which is a part of The Philadelphia Foundation, will make a public announcement about this year's grantees on Monday. There were many worthy applicants again this year, & our Grants Committee members worked diligently --- reading applications, visiting organizations, considering every application seriously & in detail, & conferring with our very helpful advisers/guides at TPF. After many meetings & much discussion, decisions were made. And we believe the 10 grant recipients offer valuable services --- primarily to East Mt. Airy residents, but reaching into the wider community as well. Look for the public announcement on Monday!


It's our 50th Anniversary this year! Your paid membership in EMAN would be a meaningful  acknowledgement of the work we've been doing in the neighborhood for half a century......... You can join at our website using PayPal (click on "Join"). Or shoot an e-mail to info@eastmountairy.org, & we'll send you a form.


Enjoy the start of Summer............ Elayne Bender