We All Scream for Free Ice Cream!

Ken Weinstein will open the Ice Cream Shoppe beside his Trolley Car Diner on Monday, April 1 for its 15th season, and will offer complimentary small cones or cups of locally-churned Richman's Ice Cream to everyone who shows up between 3 to 9 p.m. at 7619 Germantown Avenue in Mount Airy. In addition to ice cream, the Trolley Car Diner will offer complimentary house-made water ice to customers who prefer water ice over ice cream. Weinstein will also offer complimentary small cups or cones of Richman’s Ice Cream at his Trolley Car Café at 3269 S Ferry Road in East Falls from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., and Trolley Car Station at 3940 Baltimore Avenue in University City between 3 and 9 p.m. on April Fool's Day.

Trolley Car Diner has served legions of loyal customers for nearly 20 years with their delicious menu options, including delicious, oversized milkshakes. During the last decade and a half, Trolley Car Diner began each spring season with complimentary water ice served at their "Ice Cream Shoppe," which offers 16 flavors of ice cream and six flavors of water ice out of a fully restored 1948 President’s Conference Committee (PCC) streetcar.

Weinstein knows first-hand that many of his customers are thrilled to enjoy his complimentary ice cream offer on April 1 annually, and many are excited to have the option of ice cream or water ice at the Diner, his flagship location. "The Ice Cream Shoppe offers two hallmarks of our brand, which are both perfect for the early days of spring," said Weinstein. "Our customers love that we celebrate the seasonal launch of the Ice Cream Shoppe by offering complimentary frozen treats. We're looking forward to a big turnout at each of our locations on ‘Opening Day.’” Richman's produces some of the finest ice cream in the region by using the freshest locally-sourced ingredients. We're are honored to introduce their products this spring."

Representatives from Richman's Ice Cream will be on-hand on April 1 at Trolley Car Diner, serving their product and answering questions about the company’s 125-year history. Originally based out of South Jersey, Richman’s was started by William "Billy" Richman in 1894. The company now has five locations, including four in Pennsylvania. Learn more by visiting http://RichmansIC.com.

The three Trolley Car operations are family-friendly restaurants located throughout the city of Philadelphia. Each location contains a unique, innovative menu. Trolley Car Diner and Trolley Car Station are open seven days a week for breakfast, lunch and dinner, while Trolley Car Café is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch only.

Learn more about Trolley Car Diner by visiting http://TrolleyCarDiner.com. Learn more about Trolley Car Station by visiting http://TrolleyCarStation.com. Learn more about Trolley Car Café by visiting http://TrolleyCarCafe.com.