EMAN Membership Drive Continues

East Mt. Airy Neighbors, your community organization, is excited to work with you to make our great community even better. This Old House Magazine’s website featured Mt. Airy as a great place to buy a house, and described us as a “fierce community organization.”  Here are just a few reasons why…….. Over the last year, EMAN has continued its active advocacy on zoning and land use issues, meeting with property owners and neighbors to promote cooperation and positive development in the neighborhood. We are also an active part of the Mt. Airy Task Force, which brings together representatives from the Police Department, the D.A.’s office, L & I, City Council, EMAN, WMAN and MAUSA, to address crime, nuisance businesses and residences, and other quality-of-life issues in our community.

Our June Annual Meeting featured District Attorney Seth Williams as guest speaker, who updated us on his plans to make the DA’s office more responsive to the community.

Our commitment to partnering with other area organizations continues. During the past year, we co-sponsored and participated in a number of interesting and important events, among them the Gubernatorial Candidates Forum, the new Mt. Airy Farmers Market, Art Jam and the 40th annual Mt. Airy Day.

Our e-newsletters have provided information about events and issues, and our website calendar notes events and activities of interest to our neighborhood. You can sign up at our website. (http://www.eastmountairy.org/contact-EMAN.cfm --- please set your computer so we’re not rejected as “spam”.)

East Mt. Airy, with its spirit of unity and activism, is a unique place to live and work. Working together, we can maintain and improve the quality of life in our neighborhood.  With your support, we can continue to increase our presence, service & activities in the neighborhood and to represent the interests of East Mt. Airy residents & businesses.  To borrow from a classic: “We get by with a little help from our friends.”

We invite you to join us! You can join at our website (click onhttp://www.eastmountairy.org/membership.cfm to pay through PayPal), or you can contact the EMAN office at 215-242-4170 to request a mail-in paper form.