EMAN Membership Drive

WE HOPE YOU’LL JOIN US!! Greetings from East Mt. Airy Neighbors, your community association!

EMAN works throughout the year to preserve and enhance the quality of life in the neighborhood, in a variety of ways.

We have continued our active advocacy on zoning and land use issues. We work with elected officials, CDCs, the 14th Police District, The District Attorney’s office,  L&I,  SEPTA, other community organizations and active residents to address nuisance businesses and problem properties.

Our activities with our partner organizations allow us to address problems more effectively.

We are part of the Mt. Airy Anti-Graffiti Task Force and an informal community task force that addresses other crimes and nuisances, such as drug dealing, and abandoned properties.

Our joint activities aren’t only about problems.

Mt. Airy Day, the annual EMAN-WMAN festival that celebrates our vibrant and diverse community, is held the first Saturday in May, and has been a rousing success. Our EMAN-WMAN event at the Arden was both a great evening of theater and a fun community-builder.

Our annual Christmas tree recycling event is the premiere of our sustainability activities, and has saved hundreds of trees from landfills. We have worked with SEPTA on tree-plantings at several Chestnut Hill East stations.

With your support, “green” activities can continue and expand.

Our capacity to communicate with residents is expanding. Our website has had a “makeover”, and we will be able to bring you more news about the neighborhood. Our e-newsletter, which includes information about problems, activities and events, and volunteer opportunities in the area, continues to be a popular offering, and now reaches over 400 households.

Your membership is important!

There is strength in numbers, and many people working together can have a greater impact in the community and greater influence on decision and policy makers.

The larger our membership, the more we can accomplish.

Additionally, the money we raise through memberships helps keep the office operating and allows us to

  • continue to increase our presence, service and activities in the neighborhood, and

  • to continue to represent the interests of East Mt. Airy residents and businesses.

East Mt. Airy, with its spirit of unity and activism, diversity and inclusiveness, is a unique place to live and work. We hope you’ll help EMAN continue its mission of “making a good community better”.

You may use the form below, or join using PayPal at our website (click on "Join" at the top right of this page).  You can sign up for our e-newsletter by clicking on “contact us”.

Want to know more? You can reach us at 215-242-4170 weekday mornings or at info@eastmountairy.org


Please make check or money order payable to EMAN, & mail, with this form, to:

East Mt. Airy Neighbors ~ 7301 Germantown Avenue ~ Philadelphia, PA 19119


Address: ___________________________________________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________________________

 Your e-mail address will help us communicate with you more regularly & less expensively!

 E-mail: _______________________________________________________________________

                                                            PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY!  Thanks.

 Membership Category:

          ___ Household ($30)          ___ Business/Organization ($75)           ___ Senior ($15)

           ___ Individual ($25)            ___ Student ($15)                                     ___ Sustainer ($100 & up)

                 ___ I support EMAN through the United Way Campaign (EMAN Code 0212) ($50 minimum)                               (Please let us know, so we can thank you!)

  I am enclosing an additional tax-deductible contribution of $_______.   Please send me written confirmation.