EMAN is proud to be one of the sponsors of a Candidates Forum

to be held in the Brossman Center at Lutheran Theological Seminary on Wednesday April 28th, at 7 PM. Among the candidates who have committed to attend are Sen. Arlen Specter (contingent on voting schedule), Rep. Joe Sestak (contingent on voting schedule), State Sen. Anthony H. Williams, Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato, Auditor General Jack Wagner, Montgomery County Commissioner Joe Hoeffel, and the Honorable Doris Smith Ribner. -------- The event, which will be moderated by Sheinelle Jones of Fox 29 News and Elmer Smith of the Phila. Daily News, will be televised live on PCN (PA Cable Network).   ------   Other sponsors include the Phila. Chapter of the NAACP, the Lutheran Seminary, the 5 Guys PAC, the Action PAC, and the African American Chamber of Commerce. More information is available in the Latest News section of this website. A heads-up from Weavers Way Co-op: A scammer claiming to be from the Co-op’s environmental program is going door-to-door in Mt. Airy, seeking donations. While the Co-op accepts contributions to its nonprofit community programs, it is NOT collecting door-to-door. If this person comes to your house, please call 911 and contact the Co-op at 215-843-2350.            

Mt. Airy USA’s long-awaited streetscape improvement program on Germantown Avenue began this week! Improvements will be made to lighting and sidewalks. Benches, new trees and new trash receptacles will be added. There will be NO road closures during this work, and stores and restaurants will be OPEN and happy to see you! The first phase of this project affects the Avenue from Mt. Pleasant Ave. south. The section from Mt. Pleasant north to Nippon is projected to start in late May/early June.  Everyone associated with the project is working hard to keep disruptions to a minimum; please be patient as the inevitable glitches occur.            

The 40th Mt. Airy Day is just around the corner on May 1! Since it’s our 40th, there’ll be 40 raffle prizes this year, donated by the shops and restaurants of Mt. Airy. And kids will be able to make “Happy Birthday Mt. Airy Day” cards, which will be displayed on Germantown Avenue. More volunteers are needed. We have tasks to suit your talents, from artistic to schlepping tables to working with children to keeping the grounds of Cliveden clean. Check out the event website (www.mtairyday.org) for more information and details. You can e-mailmtairyday@aol.com or wman@wman.net to volunteer --- even if you have only a couple of hours, we could use your help. (Community Service letters will be available for high school students who need them.)            

Please check the calendar on our website from time to time, as we add new events/meetings/etc. as we receive notice of them. Our next regular Community/Board meeting will be on May 4th at 7 PM in the EMAN Office --- you are welcome to join us. 

See you at Mt. Airy Day!

Elayne Bender