EMAN Election Results

At the Annual Meeting and Elections on Thursday, July 18th, at the United Lutheran Seminary, EMAN members voted for Officers and for the Board of Directors. Nine new board members were elected to the Board, as well as a new 2nd Vice President and Secretary.

The board had 11 vacancies to fill; (8) three year terms, (2) two year terms, (1) one year term. Terms were decided on the number of votes, with the highest 8 receiving three year terms, next 2 receiving two year terms, etc.

We want to thank Lansana Sylla for his service as 2nd Vice President and Janet Amato for serving as Secretary. See the full roster below.


President - Tonyelle Cook-Artis

1st Vice President - Brandon Ritter
2nd Vice President - Sharon Kim
Treasurer - Dutch Klugman
Secretary - Kelli Caldwell

Board of Directors
*Indicated New Board Members

3 Year Terms
Cherese Akers*

John Autin*
Linda Bell*
Kristin Crandall*
Brian Cullin*
Michael Galvan*
Kendra Gudgeon*
Kelly O'Day*

2 Year Terms
Nina Curlett*
Terri Ranieri

1 Year Term
Donna Tretina


Continuing Board of Directors

Margaret Salamon
Amy Tanner
Tiffany Thurman

Emeritus Board of Directors
William Ewing, Esq
Hon. Cindy Bass
Hon. Derek S. Green, Esq.
Dave Bell
Dan Muroff

Janet Amato
Kelli Caldwell
Tonyelle Cook-Artis
Larry V. Daniels
Patrick Jones
Sharon Kim
Dutch Klugman
Cassie Lukasiewicz
Kathryn McKenzie-Ziegler
Jimmie Reed
Brandon Ritter

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