Big Change Coming with the New Year

We are closing our physical office on the Lutheran Seminary campus at the end of the month, & will operate as a “virtual” organization. I’ll still be spending time out in the community, attending meetings & events, representing the residents & businesses we have served for almost 50 years. The Board will still be meeting regularly (at Lovett Library), & the schedule will be on our website (           While we are completing tasks like having our phone number switched over to a cell phone (so we don’t have to get a new number), packing & moving boxes, etc., during what is probably the busiest time of the year, we ask your patience if you’re trying to reach us. We are trying to have the phone switch proceed as seamlessly as possible. E-mail is still being checked regularly, & that’s the best way to contact us with concerns, questions, etc. (

Our mailing address will remain the same : EMAN, 7301 Germantown Ave., Phila. PA, 19119.


          The community meeting about crime in the neighborhood was very well-attended, but we ran out of time to cover everything we’d planned. We thank the local officials who attended; we value their commitment to the neighborhood.

          Captain John Fleming (14th PPD), updated us on crime patterns in the 14th. Homes in Mt. Airy are always a prime target for burglars, & the holidays are a prime time. Capt. Fleming, Councilwoman CindyBass, Kyasha Tyson, (Community Liaison for State Rep. Cherelle Parker), & Doug Evans (Town Watch Integrated Services), all offered information & suggestions.

          If you have an alarm system, use it, even if you’ll only be out for a little while. It doesn’t take long for someone to break in & take your belongings.

          Be nosy. Look out the window occasionally. If you see someone unfamiliar/suspicious hanging out on your block, call 911. Do not worry about looking foolish if it turns out to not be a problem.

(And be alert if you're out gathering gifts; crowded shopping areas provide good cover for pickpockets & identity thieves.)

          If you want to start a Town Watch or Block Watch group, contact Doug Evans at He’ll be happy to meet with you & help you get started.

Many thanks to Mercer Redcross for hosting the meeting at the 7165 Lounge. We appreciated the hospitality & community spirit!

An update: As you might already know, has an “East Mt. Airy/R7” group. This free, private neighborhood website allows members to share information, recommendations, advice, etc. Nextdoor can help you stay informed; recently the City of Philadelphia has signed up to disseminate info through the website. The City will send out updates from Philadelphia Town Watch, the Streets Department, & Emergency Management. The City will not be able to access any info about you. Go to to get started.


Your beautiful Christmas tree can extend its benefits after the holidays are over!

EMAN has 2 TreeCycling events scheduled for January. We’re very happy about how well-received this has been, & hope to keep it growing, so please help us spread the word…….

       Saturday, January 10th, from 11 AM till 2 PM at Awbury Arboretum, lot near Cope House. (Enter from Chew Ave., near theSEPTA RR bridge just south of Washington Lane)

       Sunday, January 11th, 1 – 4 PM at Gabbie’s Garden (parking lot on Chew Ave. just south of Mt. Airy Ave., behind the Sedgwick Theater)

          The mulch created from chipping up your trees will be donated to local community gardens.

The new EMAN COMMUNITY FUND is still accepting applications!

          This donor-advised fund, at The Philadelphia Foundation, was created when EMAN sold the assets of the former EMAN CommunityLiving organization. The proceeds from that sale were used to create a fund that is advised by, but separate from EMAN (EMAN didn’t suddenly become wealthy!), with the goal of making grants to nonprofits that provide services to residents of East Mt. Airy (& extending out into the larger Northwest Philadelphia area). The 4 major areas of interest are; Aging, Building Community, Mental Health/Mental Retardation, & Children & Youth.

          We feel fortunate to be able to do this. There are so many worthy nonprofits that bring so much to the community, & many struggle to continue to operate. Although priority will be given to organizations located in the neighborhood, organizations do not have to be physically located within EMAN’s boundaries as long as they serve the area.

          Applications are due by January 16th. For info or an  Questions can be sent to

EMAN can only continue to lead events like the crime meeting & TreeCycling with the support of the community. We hope you'll become a member, or renew your membership. Check for membership info on our website ( We'll be launching a major membership drive in the New Year, so if you've been expecting a renewal mailing, it'll be coming mid-Winter. (Of course, you don't have to wait........)

           Everyone here at EMAN wishes you all a wonderful holiday season. At this darkest time of year, our holidays all bring light, whether candles or metaphor.

           Hanukkah’s almost over; if you celebrate, we hope you’ve been enjoying it. Christmas will be here in a few days, & brings both hope & good cheer to many, & we hope yours is merry. Kwanzaa offers an opportunity to refresh our commitment to being better people. (And yesterday's Solstice marked the beginning of increasing minutes of daylight.)

        Most of all, our best wishes for the New Year. We hope you & your loved ones have a 2015 that’s filled with joy, & good health, & peace.