Get A Free Tree

Mt. Airy Free Tree

How to get a free street tree:

  • Apply for a Tree though PHS here. There are two plantings each year -- one in April and one in November. Applications are also due twice a year around the tree planting dates. Applications submitted in the spring will be planted in the fall and vice versa. Everything is free, including getting a cut-out on your sidewalk, the tree, and the planting.

How to get a free yard tree:

  • Tree Philly offers yard tree giveaways throughout the year. Check out their website for more details.


planter Mt. Airy.jpg
Rain Barrel Mt. Airy.jpg

Get a FREE rain barrel or a subsidized downspout planter. 

The Philadelphia Water Department teamed up with the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to manage the city’s storm-water.

Residents can sign up for a FREE rain barrels—a handy partner for watering plants and cleaning pavements—and subsidized downspout planters that add beauty and utility to the exterior of your home and prevents the city’s sewer system from overflowing. It’s all part of the Rain Check program.

Start the process by signing up for an upcoming Rain Check workshop.


Stop circulars Mt. Airy

You may notice soon after you move in that you receive a fair amount of circulars, coupons and takeout menus from local businesses, and they can sometimes end up as litter on your sidewalk. 

If you’d like to stop receiving them, fill out this form and mail it to the Department of Licenses and Inspections. Once you receive the sticker in the mail, place the circular-free sticker in a prominent location (such as a mailbox or door) at about eye-level from the street.


Compost Mt. Airy Philadelphia.jpg

Composting helps keep waste out of landfills. We encourage backyard composting or using a composting collection service (just like getting your weekly trash pick-up) through Bennett Compost.