Edgar H. Baker Award – Greg Williams named 2010 recipient

Edgar A. Baker, one of the first persons to become a member of East Mt. Airy Neighbors, left an enviable record of personal commitment to the improvement of East Mt. Airy and Germantown.  Although he worked on many projects, his main concerns were youth and education.  Besides giving his guidance and counsel to the Education Committee, he was also concerned with positive relations between the community and the police.


Shortly after his death, the EMAN Board of Directors established an award in his name.  It was decided that this award should be given to the person in Northwest Philadelphia who shows the kind of dedication that Ed gave throughout his life.  In 1972, the EMAN Board honored Mrs. Mary Baker; as a tribute to the gallant service given by late husband.


Subsequent recipients of the Edgar Baker Award, who have made significant contributions to the betterment of East Mt. Airy are:



Mary Baker

1973 Edward Bristol


No award

1975 Rudolph Gelsey
1976 Eversley Vaughan 1977 Margaret Halsey
1978 Dennis & LaVonne Johnson 1979 Ronald Lutz
1980 William Ewing 1981 Betty & Ralph Warshaw
1982 Mark Gilbert 1983 Bernice Rigmaiden
1984 Jane Brock 1985 Robert A. Iadicicco
1986 Patricia S. Beach 1987 Catherine Chester


Robert Elfant

1989 Samuel F. Long
1990 Anne C. Ewing 1991 Ernestine O’Connor
1992 David Bell 1993 Ernest Covington
1994 Susan Simon 1995 Naomi Pryluck
1996 Richard H. Davis 1997 Yvonne DeVastey
1998 Betty Ann Fellner 1999 Patricia Lewis
2000 Louis W. Cuff 2001 Lou and Sheila Incognito
2002 Eleanore Pabarue 2003 Dutch Klugman
2004 Elvira Evans


Barbara Bloom

2006 Janet Amato


Rev. Dr. Philip D.W. Krey


Zakiyyah Abdul-Raheem


Derek Green
2010 Greg Williams


In the future, the Edgar Baker Award will continue to recognize those individuals who, through their involvement with EMAN and the community, have made a significant contribution to the betterment of East Mt. Airy.

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