Board of Directors

EMAN is made up of a Board of Directors (up to 34 residents of the community) and the general membership in the community. Our President is Jimmie Reed, and the Executive Director is Elayne Bender.

EMAN Executive Committee

Jimmie Reed, President
Margaret Salamon, 1st Vice President
Janet Amato, 2nd Vice President
Dutch Klugman, Treasurer

Full Board

Janet Amato
Tonyelle Cook-Artis
Jane R. Cosby
Larry V. Daniels
Patrick Jones
Leon King, Esq.
Dutch Klugman
Kathryn McKenzie-Ziegler
Vivian Norton
Teri Ranieri
Jimmie Reed
Brandon Ritter
Margaret Salamon
Natalia Serejko
Lansana Sylla
Amy Tanner
Tiffany Thurman
Donna Tretina

William Ewing, Esq., Emeritus
Hon. Cindy Bass, Emeritus
Hon. Derek S. Green, Esq., Emeritus
Dan Muroff, Emeritus

Elayne Bender, Executive Director Erica Star Chase, Administrative Support